Marc Anthony Needs a Babysitter

Jennifer Lopez is supposedly so protective-slash-jealous of Marc Anthony that she sent her assistant to watch him while he was on tour, Page Six reports. A source told the mag that “she wanted reports back so he didn’t cheat on her,” and this little tidbit adds to the mystery that is their supposedly failing marriage.

Recently captured on camera without their wedding rings, JLo and Marc have already issued a denial that their marriage is troubled. Their publicist claimed that “they’re doing great,” and Jennifer put the ring back on to shut us up.

That still doesn’t explain why a source claimed to have heard Marc complaining about Jennifer while putting his hands on a mystery woman last week, or why their $8.5 million home– in which they were wed in 2004– is rumored to be up for sale. People say the home is for sale because they’re moving to the Big Apple and not because they hate each other, but these things do add up pretty nicely.

One question for Jennifer: what does her assistant look like, and can she be trusted? ‘Cause you know all signs point to doing it with “the help,” and not with random groupies (if Mr. Anthony has any, that is). Sorry JLo!

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