Lea Michele Is Moving On From Cory Monteith By Dating A Former Gigolo

It is good to hear that Lea Michele has moved on from “the love of her life” in Cory Monteith. For awhile now, the Glee star has suffered the sudden loneliness after Monteith suddenly passed on. But now, it looks like love is in Lea Michele’s future with a possible upgrade on sexual healing because her new boyfriend is a former gigolo!

It can be expected that I will get a lot of aggressive heat from “Gleeks” and Lea Michele fans, but the story originated from TMZ. In their article, they reported that she’s been dating a guy by the name of Matthew Paetz for the last few months and she made sure to keep the relationship private from the prying eyes of the public. How TMZ got this juicy tidbit is unknown but the pictures seen on the web are good enough. Prior to their relationship, Matthew is a certified life coach, dating expert, and massage therapist. He charges $350 per hour, $6,000 for a weekend, and $17,500 for a whole week.

That is a hefty chunk of change to be given for an uplifting message followed by a massage! Well it is a reality for Matthew as described on his profile on Cowboys4Angels, a website known to offer male companionship to lonely women. It seems he has a gigolo (a.k.a upscale hooker) name too and goes by “Christian”.

In a follow-up article by Crushable, Lea Michele met her former gigolo boyfriend on the set of her music video for On My Way. It seems that she got Matthew’s attention, probably from the unexpected, paparazzi-flashing nip slip that happened on set. If we take the info on his gigolo profile seriously, Matthew probably knew how to approach Lea Michele in between takes. That one singular moment paid off, especially with what was reported here earlier: they’ve dated for a few months now.

There is no blame for why Lea Michele kept her relationship a secret. First, this is her relationship and despite her popularity, she has a right to date whoever she wants, on acceptance of the other person of course. Second, she knew there would be some form of backlash against whoever she dated after Cory Monteith. Finally… well… Matthew’s occupation isn’t exactly the type of job fathers would approve their daughter’s boyfriend to having.

Right now, “Christian” is hidden on the website, which may mean he is exclusive to Lea Michele. Unfortunately, this bit of juicy news brings up a question that people will ask? Is the relationship authentic or is Lea Michele pulling a gender-swapped “Pretty Woman” (paying for his company)?

Personally, I don’t think she’s paying, simply by mathematics. If Lea Michele is paying for the gigolo’s company and they’ve been together for a few months (we’ll limit it down to two), going by the gigolo’s payscale, she so far has spent $140,000. That is one expensive hooker… I mean gigolo… I mean boyfriend. But it should also be reported that Lea Michele has a net worth of $5.5 million and makes $80,000 per episode on that “now mostly garbage” show, Glee.

No matter what the truth may be, Lea Michele does deserve to be happy. Just on The Inquisitr alone, we reported how she lost her fiance to a Molotov cocktail of heroin and champagne and that the next season of Glee would be the last one. And to top it off, all that happened within the course of a couple months, but that was a year ago. It is clear that Lea Michele surely needs to move on… even if it’s with a gigolo.

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