Drew Barrymore Shows Off Trim Figure After Having Baby Daughter Frankie

Drew Barrymore showed off a picture of her new little dragon… err, baby, Frankie.

The 39-year-old actress tweeted a picture holding her two little girls, 20-month-old Olive and newborn Franke, while wearing a shirt that read “Mother of Dragons.”

The picture showed off Barrymore’s trim figure, which she acquired in just a few weeks since Frankie was born. Drew and husband Will Kopelman welcomed Frankie to the family on April 22.

The tweet was a bit of a PR push for Drew Barrymore, who was hoping to raise funds to help foster children in the Los Angeles area.

Drew Barrymore seems thrilled to be welcoming Frankie to the family, telling Ellen DeGeneres that it feels “like a miracle” to be welcoming her second daughter to the world.

Drew has already showed off Frankie before, including a featured spread in People magazine back in May.

“I knew that I have two kids to take care of now and just kicked my own butt to get back into the swing of things immediately,” she told the magazine, adding that there are challenges in the split schedules of her little girls.

“They’re awake and asleep at different times, or awake at the same time,” she added. “It’s a juggling act a little bit.”

Later, in her appearance with Ellen, Barrymore shared some background on how Frankie got her name.

“It’s hard because we loved the name olive, and we thought, what name goes with Olive?” Barrymore asked.

After Ellen retorted, “martini?” Drew followed up by saying, “I know! Everything started sounding like a color or a food. I liked the name Pepper, but then we said, ‘Oliver and Pepper? That’s two things you find in a pantry.'”

Drew Barrymore said she and husband Will ultimately ended up on the name Frankie by chance, with both of them falling in love with it.

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