BlingEasy: So Bad It’s Actually Good

New service BlingEasy seeks to take MySpace style bling layouts into 2.0 web services land with an easy to use Bling maker.

The free service allows users to upload a photo and (as the name suggests) add bling. Bling includes the most god awful items most sane people would never place on a photograph, but guess what: I’m not the target market. Registration isn’t required to use the service, but if you do want to go back and improve you pictures later you’ll need an account.

It’s awful…and yet it’s actually really good. Simple, clean interface, no forced registration, nice back story on the development…I’m going to bet that BlingEasy is going to go really, really well. Just not with 32 year old men from Australia ?

Photo credit: Bronwen Clune with apologies to Richard Giles.

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