‘Teen Wolf’ Star JR Bourne Talks About Life After Allison Argent

Teen Wolf star JR Bourne recently discussed his character’s reaction to the shocking demise of Allison Argent.

Fans of MTV’s werewolf-oriented drama were more than a little shocked when Argent bit the dust in last season’s finale. Since Crystal Reed was reportedly eager to venture off in search of different projects, the writers decided it was time to say goodbye to Argent. Folks were understandably saddened by the actress’ departure from the show.

During a recent chat with Hollywood Life, Teen Wolf star JR Bourne discussed how his character is dealing with Allison’s death. Since Argent’s dad is completely shaken by the turn of events, he’s headed back to the supernatural world for closure. According to the actor, he’ll sport a beard in several of the upcoming episodes.

The Teen Wolf actor told the website:

“It’s so true, right? The easiest way to show grief is to grow a beard! I’ve had a lot of fun growing it, too. Well, he definitely has taken off and I think he has struggled with coming back. Ultimately, it’s going to be Scott asking him to return… and knowing that Kate has returned and is not coming back to go flower shopping; she’s coming back with an agenda. So, he comes back, and with the final code that his daughter came up with: ‘We protect those who can’t protect themselves.’ That last little bit sitting inside of him makes him realize that he has to come back.”

According to the plethora of Teen Wolf-oriented reports floating around the internet these days, fans will have a lot to sink their teeth into when season 4 kicks off later this month. In addition to a mysterious new villain known as the Benefactor, apparently there’s something strange going on with Derek.

TV Guide has the cryptic scoop:

“When the show returns, the gang goes south of the border to find Derek. Little do they know, Derek is actually with Kate, whom Scott & Co. will be shocked to discover is still alive. But the real surprise waiting for the gang has nothing to do with Kate! Let’s just say Derek has changed in a very peculiar way.”

If you need a Teen Wolf refresher course ahead of the season 4 premiere, then you might want to pick up Teen Wolf: Season 3 Part 2 when it hits DVD on June 17. This should give you plenty of time to relive all the hairy drama before the new episode arrives on Monday, June 23.

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