Linkin Park Stream New Album ‘The Hunting Party’ Ahead Of Release

Linkin Park are giving fans a chance to sample the new album The Hunting Party a week before its official release.

The fellas are so sure that people are going to love their latest collection of tunes that they’re letting folks listen to the whole thing for free. Linkin Park will release the record on June 17 in digital and old-fashioned physical formats.

If want to listen to The Hunting Party ahead of its official release, then swing by iTunes at some point in the very near future. Folks who find Linkin Park’s latest creation sonically pleasing can pick up the album next week.

At this point, you’ve probably heard that the band is preparing to release some new songs. Not only have the guys unveiled the first single from the record, they also released a third-person action game for the iPad. Unfortunately for those who have other tablets, the game is only available for iOS. Sorry about your luck.

Check out the official description for Linkin Park Reloaded — Wastelands:

“As a member of a specialized resistance unit, the player will fight through hostile territory and complete missions through judicious use of resources. The enemies are the “Hybrids,” a race of genetically engineered bio-mechanical androids who rule over the post-apocalyptic planet. The player will travel through the hostile wastelands on different missions with the aim of depriving the Hybrids of the energy they so badly need. When beaten, some Hybrids will relinquish rare and powerful equipment and valuable crystals, the currency of the Resistance.”

Although free streams and video games are good ways to get people interested in your latest release, the question remains: Is Linkin Park’s new album worth your time and money? Are there more important things to waste your spare change on? According to The New Zealand Herald, the band’s sixth studio recording is probably their best to-date.

Critic Chris Schulz explains in his four-star review:

“Over the furious guitar jolt of ‘Keys to the Kingdom,’ front man Chester Bennington bellows, ‘No control’ with the kind of electric venom you’d expect from hardcore punks Gallows or F***** Up. While Linkin Park’s three previous Rick Rubin-helmed albums sagged with overwrought ballads and pretentious soft-rock, ‘The Hunting Party’ just gets on with the task of rap-rocking like it’s 1999 all over again.”

Are you a fan of Linkin Park? Do you plan to pick up a copy of The Hunting Party when it finally arrives on June 17?

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