C.J. Twomey Commits Suicide After Fight With Mother: What She Did Years Later Is Amazing

C.J. Twomey committed suicide on April 14, 2010 after a fight with his mother. C.J.’s mom has been living with guilt for four years, trying her best to make things right without her son. According to Worthy To Share, Hallie Twomey came up with an idea that she feels will give her son the best sending off that she can think of. She is sending her 20-year-old (he would be 24 now) son on an adventure with the help of Facebook users.

C.J., a former member of the Air Force, was cremated after his death. His ashes sat on a shelf in his mother’s home, a constant reminder of her last words to him. Hallie Twomey didn’t want C.J. to spend the rest of his “life” inside her home in an urn — she wanted him to travel the world. And so she took to Facebook and started a movement called “Scattering CJ.”

She wrote in part:

“SCATTERING CJ is my attempt to give my son SOMETHING. It’s a mission to show my son – my crazy, life of the party, lover of people, smile so wide it entered a room before he did son – some of the world that he never got to see. It’s an effort to allow my child to forever rest in locations hand picked by caring friends, family and strangers alike.”

Hallie has two rules and two rules only about anyone who would like a packet of C.J. Twomey’s ashes. The first is that they must tell C.J. that his mother loves him. The second is that they must tell him that his mother is sorry. So far, the Facebook page has 16,000 “likes” and Twomey’s ashes have been spread in 150 different locations from Alaska to Jamaica.

Hallie Twomey added:

“Thank you in advance to anyone that offers to take CJ on an adventure. I honestly can’t find words that adequately express how much I appreciate it. Please know that you are helping my very broken mom heart deal with the worst pain I have ever and will ever face.”

Anyone who wishes to take C.J. Twomey on an adventure by spreading his ashes anywhere in the world can contact his mom using a document linked under the “About” section on the “Scattering CJ” Facebook page.

So many people have been helping others via social media and various fundraising sites. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, strangers raised nearly $1 million to help a young girl with Sanfilippo Syndrome. People’s willingness to help others is quite remarkable sometimes.

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