The More You Share On Facebook, The More Skin This Dress Will Show

If you thought Rihanna’s sheer dress was scandalous, wait until you get a load of this one. A designer has developed a 3D-printed dress that shows off more and more flesh as its wearer shares information on social media sites.

The x.pose is a dress consisting of a 3D-printed mesh paired with some special conducting materials. The materials start out opaque, making it look like the wearer is just sporting a somewhat uncomfortable black and gray number. Start sharing more and more things on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, though, and… let’s just say your coverage decreases.

The special conducting materials on the dress go from opaque to transparent, depending on how much the wearer is sharing. So the more of yourself that you expose online, the more of you that gets exposed in the real world.

What’s more, the dress is location-smart. That means that the patches that become translucent are dependent on where the wearer was when she started sharing.

x.pose is an art project by Xuedi Chen that explores the impact of how much information we readily share online.

Right now, you’re maybe thinking, “this is a great way to kick my Facebook habit.” That’s kind of in line with what the dress designers want you to think.

X.pose is a “wearable data-driven sculpture that exposes a person’s skin as a real-time reflection of the data that wearer is producing,” according to the site for the piece. It’s meant as a commentary on the social-saturated world we find ourselves in nowadays.

There currently exists a paradox in our internet culture. As a generation, we are simultaneously obsessed with publicity and privacy. While we publish and post details about our lives online, at the same time we demand the most advanced privacy protection software. An unprecedented degree of potential exposure comes with the current mode of existence…

x.Pose is my exploration of these questions. Since I have already ceded control of my data, I wanted to go a step further and broadcast it for anyone and everyone to see.

Don’t expect to see this bit of hashtag couture showing up on store racks any time soon, though. X.pose appears to be just a one-off. But who knows? Share this enough on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and maybe demand will turn the concept into a mass-produced reality. They say wearable technology is the next big thing, no?

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