Blake Shelton’s Anniversary Surprise For Wife Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert spent some quality time together for their third wedding anniversary. The two have busy lives and frequently go for long periods of time without seeing one another. So, how does this country music power duo keep the sparks flying?

She wears her heart on her sleeve, says Blake of his wife, Miranda Lambert

To help Miranda relax for their very special day, Blake took to fixing up the couple’s boat. To hear Blake tell it:

By the time a week like this is over with her album launch mixed with CMA Fest, she’s just going to be a zombie, I know she is. So yesterday I had my last day on set before coming here, and I drove down to Lake Texoma. We’ve got a boat down there and marina. I’m not a mechanic, but I managed to get this thing running, because I know when she gets back, she’s gonna want to do something like that -— just go and float around and drink and get pulled on the tube or something.

So he got that boat fixed up and ready for his busy wife so that she could have some special R&R time at one of their favorite spots, Lake Texoma.

Blake is currently preparing to go on tour. He embarks on his Ten Times Crazier Tour soon and wanted to make sure that he leaves his wife with some good memories before he leaves for tour. This gesture seems to defy tabloid rumors that the couple is on the rocks.

On the heels of Miranda Lambert’s fifth album Platinum hitting the Billboard 200, and debuting in the number one spot, Blake expresses his utmost appreciation for his wife:

She means so much. I do think some of that early tabloid stuff that happened probably did have an effect on her. And I was upset for her to go through it.

Apparently things went well when Blake surprised his bride earlier in the month. Moreover, Blake Shelton seems like he knows how to have fun and his anniversary surprise seems to be no exception. Right after Blake took the trip home to prepare his wedding surprise for Miranda, he took part in a karaoke contest at a post-CMT Awards Party. The show started off with James Van Der Beek and Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley singing hit songs while Blake Shelton coached them in their performances.

May 14th marks the date that Blake, 37, and Miranda, 30, first exchanged vows.

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