No Nintendo Character Is Safe In Conan’s O’Brien’s ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Review

Nintendo made waves at E3 2014 with its announcements for the Wii U coupled with an entertaining digital streaming. The entertainment continued Wednesday evening as Conan O’Brien and his late show crew was afforded the opportunity to review a demo of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as part of his Clueless Gamer bit. Hilarity then ensued and no Nintendo character was safe from O’Brien’s wit.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is being counted on by Nintendo to help turn around the disappointing sales of the console. Judging by the excitement of Conan production assistant Aaron Blair, who literally could not put together a sentence at the beginning of the segment, this new SSMB may help out.

Conan opened the bit by helping Nintendo out with a suggestion for cover art for Super Smash Bros. featuring a crudely drawn sketch of himself and the game’s logo. Nintendo fans will immediately notice that the late show host and his assistants were using Gamecube controllers. The company is partnering with PDP to provide an adapter and controllers compatible with the Wii U later this year.

Once the game got going, it was a blistering eight minutes of Conan dropping funny bombs on Super Smash Bros. characters. Samus from Metroid received the first major salvo as he compared her to the electronica band, Daft Punk before asking if there was a “Birthday Suit Samus” after becoming disturbingly attracted to “Zero Suit Samus.”

Blair’s knowledge of Nintendo characters left him open to ribbing as well. O’Brien’s conclusion that the assistant could rattle off the characters in Super Smash Bros. and their originating games but couldn’t name the second President of the United States was simply, “America just lost.”

Other highlights from the Super Smash Bros. video include declaring that Nintendo is on acid based on the strangeness of some of the characters and Marth from Fire Emblem resembling actor Jared Leto. Conan also unwittingly agreed with many gamers that The Villager from Animal Crossing is one creepy character who looks ready to kill.

Giving Super Smash Bros. to Conan to review turned into a smart move by Nintendo and helped build on the momentum from E3 2014, which included livestreams and a tournament for the game. Reactions on Twitter have been overwhelmingly positive and even sold some viewers on the game.

Nintendo will release Super Smash Bros. for Wii U toward the end of 2014. The Nintendo 3DS handheld will receive it first later this summer. Even more characters joined the roster at E3 2014.

[Image and Video via Team Coco]

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