Ellie Goulding Tries Not To Stress About Magazine Covers

Ellie Goulding tries not to stress out about photo shoots and magazine covers.

When you’re making stacks of cash in the world of entertainment, having your picture taken is just part of the process. Unfortunately for some celebrities, posing for photographs isn’t the more glamorous aspect of their jobs. For Goulding, posing for the camera adds some unnecessary stress to her existence.

According to the London Evening Standard, Ellie doesn’t get asked to do as many magazine covers as her contemporaries. While Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are frequently featured on the front of several notable publications, Goulding’s features apparently weren’t “pleasing” enough to warrant attention.

Instead of getting bent out of shape about the situation, Ellie Goulding decided to simply stop worrying about it. The singer explained:

“At one time, I was getting all this musical success, but I wasn’t getting all the things that went with it, like magazine covers. I was convinced for a long time I wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. I would have to angle my face to hide the side of my nose, or my chin. Then I stopped caring. I let go. Put a different energy out there — then [the covers] all started to happen.”

Instead of sweating buckets over the fact that magazines aren’t lining up to take her picture, Goulding is more interested in putting together a strong catalog of music. In fact, The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer is looking to get a bit more scientific during her next trip to the recording studio.

“I’m reading about the beginning of the universe and also watching documentaries and loving David Attenborough — his voice and his knowledge is amazing. If I could somehow utilize his voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome — a chance to make a point with my music and his authority,” she told The Sun earlier this month.

One subject Goulding wants to say away from on her next record is love. While she’s penned more than her fair share of mushy tunes in the past, she’s looking to tackle deeper topics with her next proper batch of songs.

“I want it to be more about other things, and although I do write a lot about relationships, I like writing about the world and the things that I see as well. I’ll try to avoid writing about love at all costs!” she told Today.

Are you surprised that Ellie Goulding doesn’t get approached to appear on as many magazine covers as other pop stars?

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