Jaime King Says Breastfeeding Shouldn’t Be ‘Taboo’

Jaime King has become the latest celebrity supporter of breastfeeding and champion to those fighting for the right to do so in public without being judged. Recently, the Hart of Dixie actress took to her Instagram account to share a picture of herself and her 8-month-old son breastfeeding. The caption on the picture said the following:

#JamesKnight is now 8 months old! These are the moments a mother lives for.

She went on to say that she that she believes that breastfeeding should not be seen as taboo, and that “bottle feeding should not be judged—it’s ALL fun for the whole family.”

Since the photo went live, Jaime has received waves of “the most beautiful responses.” Jaime says that she is humbled by the response, and also gave her two cents regarding the reason why she chose to share such an intimate picture online:

I feel like now that I’m a mother, I realize that there’s a huge schism out there; that women feel judged because of what they choose to do and how they choose to feed their child. Why should we hide it?

During her interview with People magazine, King would go on to say:

I feel a responsibility as somebody who’s in the spotlight and as a public figure to let these women know they are not alone. I grew up in Omaha, my mother did both, and I am perfectly healthy and happy and fine. I think that it’s ridiculous that it’s okay to walk around with pasties or no clothes on, and that’s fashionable and cool, but it’s not okay to feed your child?

King also seemed to address the issue of nudity in general when she discussed Rihanna’s famed CFDA dress in which she was completely nude:

Rihanna looked so epically stunning at the CFDA’sthe other night when I was there, and she was completely nude. And she looked beautiful. So why is there a problem for a woman to be nude nourishing her child?

Although the debate continues to loom about whether breastfeeding in public is considered appropriate, many celebrities seem to be using their status in the spotlight as a means to show their support for the act. In December of 2013, Gisele Bundchen was also photographed breastfeeding her daughter Vivian while getting ready for a public appearance.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public? Do you agree with Jaime King?

[Image Credit: In Touch Weekly]

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