Mariah Carey Returns to TV With Wacky HSN Appearance

Singer Mariah Carey, in her first TV appearance since birthing twins earlier this year, graced the Home Shopping Network with her presence in order to sell her jewelry, tracksuits and handbags to her fans – we think?

During Carey’s live HSN “sales pitch,” which began on Sunday at midnight and lasted two inexplicably mind-blowing hours, she complained about how horrible her pregnancy was, barked out orders to the camera crew, and made up new words (camouflagian) — basically anything but try to sell her designs.

Rather than walk you through the entire “loopy” two hour ordeal, which features Mariah going off on tangent after tangent and talking in a faux-British accent, the folks over at Gawker were kind enough to put together a 4-minute clip highlighting the best moments of the 41-year-old’s HSN appearance.

Courtesy of Matt Cherette (who put the video together for Gawker), enjoy.

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