Fireman Jesse Gonzalez Stages Fake House Fire To Propose To Police Officer Girlfriend [Video]

We all love a good wedding proposal story, and last week, Houston gave us a very good one.

Houston fireman Jesse Gonzalez had been planning to propose to his girlfriend, who is a police officer for the Houston Police Department. But Gonzalez didn’t want the typical under-the-starry-night kind of proposal. He wanted to express his flaming desire to tie the know with his girlfriend in a very unique way, and he did exactly that.

Watch the video below to see how he did so. The first part of the video details Gonzalez’ plans for a fiery proposal. Skip to 5:00 to go directly to the moment of proposal.

One Friday afternoon, both the Houston fire and police departments received a call of a house fire near where Gonzalez’ girlfriend patrolled. As seen on the video, the garage was billowing with thick, grey smoke, indicating a serious fire inside the property. Usually, a house fire of this magnitude would require both the fire department and the police department to respond to the scene of danger. This ensured the appearance of Gonzalez’ girlfriend.

But there wasn’t any real danger. It was all a setup so that Gonzalez could create a wonderfully unique moment for him to propose to his long-term girlfriend. With help from two fire departments and officers from the Houston police department, Gonzalez staged a fake house fire inside a friend’s garage using dry ice.

While both teams were corresponding to the “incident”, Bruno Mars’ Marry You suddenly began playing in the background, confusing Jesse’s girlfriend, who was standing across the driveway. It was until Jesse emerged from the smoky garage that girlfriend Olga Peck realized what was happening.


Olga Peck appeared stunned and speechless as soon as she saw her fireman boyfriend heroically emerging from the smoking garage. Bending down on one knee, Jesse Gonzalez spoke the magic words everyone in the scene was waiting for.

Shocked and overwhelmed with emotions, Peck replied:

‘I love you, I can’t wait to marry you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.’

On the description of the YouTube video, Jesse Gonzalez clarified that they were still on call during the whole fake fire proposal and had their radios on in case of real emergencies. Gonzalez wrote:

Facts about this video: Both HFD and HPD approved this event after filing out the correct form that is called a “Apparatus Visit” form. ANYBODY can fill this form out and request a fire truck or a police car to attend an event as long as its in the city limits. Its called PR-Public Relations and both fire and police do them all the time at schools, businesses, birthday parties, etc. When any emergency unit is doing a “PR” they MUST BE IN SERVICE AND READY FOR RESPONSE. My fiancé who thought she was out-of-service was really in-service the whole time as well. You can even hear the radio dispatch channel going off in the video. All equipment on the ground was brought by me that has been put out-of-service from another department that I work for which the Fire Chief there allowed me to use it. I did this so it didn’t delay any emergency response if one came through. HFD trains everyday and both station were excited to used this opportunity to use this house as a training evolution to teach the rookie fire tactics plus the veterans also stay fresh on their fire ground skills. This benefits both the firefighter and citizens if one day a life might need to be saved. So for those who say this was a waste of tax payers money and us of equipment I hope you know the truth now and have a better understanding of why this was approved! “

Jesse Gonzalez thanked all those who supported him during and after his very thrilling house “fire” proposal:

“Thank you all for all the positive sweet comments. My now Fiancée THANK YOU so much and love reading them to each other!”

[Images are screenshots of Jesse Gonzalez’ proposal video]

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