Explore Ed Sheeran’s Tattoos, See Taylor Swift’s Strange Gift

With Ed Sheeran’s second solo album x on the way, and his MTV documentary Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran premiering tonight, the world wants as much of Ed as they can get. Sheeranators will be excited to learn there is plenty of Ed Sheeran news to sink their teeth into; from 100 facts about Ed, to exclusive hints about his songwriting process, The Inquisitr has everything you need to prepare for a year of Sheeran.

To start, MTV has put together an interactive map showing all of Ed Sheeran’s tattoos in promotion of the new documentary. You can view the map here and read detailed descriptions of when and why Ed got each of his tattoos and what they mean to him. Some interesting examples include Ed’s Heinz Ketchup tattoo that he got in 2012 to signify the start of his tour; or the teddy bear on his right arm in honor of his childhood nickname, “Teddy.” Some tattoos even seem to serve a promotional purpose. Ed sports a tattoo of a lizard spitting a heart, which represents a song off his new record.

Another bit of quirky Ed Sheeran news comes from the MTV documentary. Taylor Swift apparently made a piece of needle-point artwork for Ed, inspired by fellow musician Drake, featuring the stitched lyrics from one of his songs, “Started from the bottom, now we here.” Entertainment Weekly reported on the bizarre gift, revealing that Sheeran framed the needle-point immediately and hung it at his home. There have been lots of rumors about the nature of Ed’s relationship to Taylor Swift, but giving someone a needle-point does seem to be a pretty harmless token of unromantic friendship.

If that’s not enough for you, Ed Sheeran also recently performed “Thinking Out Loud” from his upcoming album x, or Multiply. The Inquisitr reported on the first official performance of the song a few weeks ago, but The Telegraph has recently shared a special, intimate musical session of the song. You can see the performance in the video here.

Ed’s second album comes out June 23. When talking about the project, Sheeran said, “My first album was mostly about one person – the song One is the last one about them. The rest of X is about moving on and the incredible experiences I’ve had since then.”

The exclusive documentary Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran will premiere on MTV tonight, June 10, at 11 pm.

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