2011 Houston Astros mid season review

With a 33-68 record, the Houston Astros find themselves in last place in the National League Central. They find themselves in that spot due to a 15-29 record against their five divisional opponents, and a 4-11 record in interleague play. They went winless against the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. In their division, they have done the best against the Milwaukee Brewers with a 3-3 record something tells me that record will not stand up. This is a bad baseball team with a new owner and an extensive rebuild project on the horizon.

The Astros offense has scored 388 runs on 912 hits. That hit total is fourth best of the 16 NL clubs. However, they have hit just 56 home runs, and as a team are batting .261 also fourth best in their league. Astros batters have struck out 736 times and that is ninth worst, and drawn the second lowest free passes. While they have some pop when they get a hold of the ball, patience at the plate may be what their coaching staff should be preaching. Overall, though, the offense looks ok.

The pitching staff has given up 506 runs on 926 hits. Both of those numbers are second worst in their league. The staff ERA is 4.63 and that also is second worst among the 16 senior circuit teams. Astros pitchers have struck out 737 hitters, and that is respectable. However, they have issued the third most free passes in the NL with 345. The starting rotation needs a lot of work, and the bullpen has not been given much of chance and their numbers reflect that.

In the end this is a team that had a good core several years ago, but failed to mange that and produce big league ready talent. They have a new owner in place, and he needs to come up with a new plan.

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