E3 2014: ‘Phantom Dust’ Getting An Xbox One Reboot

Phantom Dust is one of the original Xbox’s best cult classics. Now the game is getting a reboot for the Xbox One.

Phantom Dust was unveiled Monday night during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference. While there isn’t a ton of information available yet about the reboot it stands to reason this will be more a remastered version than a complete rebuild.

Digital Spy pointed out that the original Phantom Dust was released all the way back in 2005 and it immediately fought its way into gamers’ hearts. Perhaps it is the fact that Phantom Dust is already well known to fans of the game that Microsoft didn’t bother to release a ton of information.

The E3 2014 press conference did include a trailer that seemed to indicate the reboot will have at least a little bit in common with the original and almost 10-year-old Phantom Dust.

The first version of Phantom Dust took place on an earth that been totally decimated until it was little more than a wasteland. The people who had managed to survive the unspecified apocalypse are now living underground, hiding out from a mysterious dust that has covered the world.

One group, known as the Espers have found a way to control the Phantom Dust in such a way that they can gain all sorts of wonderful powers. They go to the surface in order to try and solve the mystery of the material altogether.

In order to solve the mystery of this Phantom Dust, the Espers go on the hunt for something called ‘The Ruins’ while no one has actually seen this place, the memory of the location has been planted in the minds of everyone who is living under the surface of the planet.

One of the Espers, The Protagonist is the character that gamers used in the original version of Phantom Dust and the video appears to show that too has remain unchanged.

Game Informer points out that one aspect of the game that helped it stand out from the rest of the titles like this is it allowed players to build decks of cards, representing attacks and other moves.

Those cards are then pulled into the action of the game and some moves cannot be pulled off unless you have the accompanying card.

The unveiling at E3 2014 didn’t announce when the game will be available but it seems almost a surety that Phantom Dust will be an Xbox One exclusive.

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