E3 2014: ‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ Reboot Redefined

Nearly six years ago, back in 2008, EA and Dice released a title that would innovate the direction of video games in the first-person genre. It would also be a game that would give video gamers a brand new experience they’ve never experienced before. Despite any flaws it may have had, Mirror’s Edge lived up to its promise. And now, the same developer and publisher have announced Mirror’s Edge 2 on Monday, during Day Zero of E3 2014.

In a report by IGN, Mirror’s Edge 2 is technically not a sequel, but a reboot for a new generation. Once again, taking account that the original game released on the last generation of video gaming systems six years ago, it can be assumed that a lot of today’s video gamers may have forgotten about Mirror’s Edge simply because of all the other great games that were released within that time. Ergo, Mirror’s Edge 2 is a new game made from the “ground-up” that is elegant, minimalistic, and has attitude.

For those who may have forgotten, the original Mirror’s Edge is about Faith, a runner who lives in a very beautiful, minimalist city that is really a dystopia. Since transportation is limited, runners are hired to deliver anything, primarily in yellow backpacks. However, there is a major hidden agenda in the city, and the runners are involved… and Faith ends up in the midst of it.

A DICE developer explained Mirror’s Edge 2 in the following statement:

“Everything is geared toward traversing and navigating this environment. In that respect, Faith can now round corners while wall-running by grabbing onto pipes. Level design is also engineered for variety, allowing skilled players to take faster, more dangerous routes, while less skilled players may find a safer, longer route.”

DICE aims to make Mirror’s Edge 2 to appeal to a larger audience. Though the original Mirror’s Edge was years before its time, it was appealing only to a niche audience. This time, everything has been improved in hopes other people, besides the core fans, will want to play the game.

Mirror’s Edge 2 allows video gamers to use Faith to efficiently utilize the environment to take down enemies as quickly as possible. In the original game, the combat wasn’t about environmental quick attacks but stealth and countering. Also, Faith will be explored more as a person. In Mirror’s Edge, Faith just so happened to be the character in the midst of the plot with a little bit of back story. Now video gamers will get to see more of the heroine redefined.

Mirror’s Edge 2 has no release date announced, but is expected to be on all current generation systems either later this year, or sometime next year. However, this might just be an update on the game since Mirror’s Edge 2 was actually teased back at E2 2013, as reported here on The Inquisitr.

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