‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ PS4 Version Is Getting A Scary Bonus [Video]

The Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 version is getting some exclusive missions that fans of the very first game in the series may have been missing. The Scarecrow is not only back, but PlayStation 4 gamers are getting exclusive Scarecrow missions.

The lack of the Scarecrow in Arkham City was definitely noticeable, despite it being a much more open environment. The missions from the first game had Batman walk into rooms full of the infamous fear toxin as hallucinations began to kick in, throwing the real world into a nightmarish dreamscape where we had to make our way through strange levels and avoid Jonathon Crane’s gaze.

It is yet unknown what these Scarecrow missions will be like in the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 version, but we can expect some unsettling visuals in high definition. Xbox One fans will have to settle for whatever DLC Rocksteady gives them, but from the look of the video above it’s going to be very much like Arkham City.

The gliding navigation that permeated much of the second game is back, alongside a cool new addition which will be integral to the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay: the Batmobile. The city will be much more dynamic as well, with more people and vehicles around, possibly leading to mini-missions which involve saving civilians from the clutches of the Arkham Knight’s army. The free-flow combat is also back, slowing time as you chain attacks between bad guys for bigger combos leading to more experience.

A gameplay mechanic which seems to have been added involves dropping down chutes to reach lower levels more quickly. Of course the Batmobile will add an element of armor and speed to the combat as you take on enemy vehicles in the streets of Gotham.

The video only shows the Scarecrow talking to Batman but gives no details about what the PS4 exclusive missions will entail.

What do you think of the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 trailer from E3 2014?

[image via gamexplain]

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