X-Rated Sex-Ed Class Upsets Middle School Parents

Sex-Ed has gone X-rated in one California middle school and parents are outraged.

According to the Daily Mail, the sex-ed class taught at Pine Valley Middle School in San Ramon, Calif., was filled with crude memes that one parent told a local television station cannot be unseen.

“This is definitely more than R-rated. This is X-rated,” the newspaper reports the mother as saying.

Among the images to appear in the meme-filled presentation entitled “Top Conception Myths” was an image of a man with a bloody face with the following message:

“A real man loves his woman every day of the month.”

Image via Mediaite.
Image via Mediaite.

One of the parents interviewed by the local ABC affiliate said of the sex-ed material shown to middle schoolers, “This is horrific. This is unacceptable material.”

The Daily Mail said another pearl of wisdom shared with middle schoolers during the sex-ed class was, “Girl on top can still get pregnant.”

Mediaite reports that the slideshow laden with memes was not created by educators at the school, but instead by Mountain Empire Family Medicine, whose CEO Judi Shaplin spoke with KGTV.

“We are reviewing the content of the presentation with a special attention to the specific images that have concerned parents.”

The Daily Mail went on to report that Shaplin said her organization did the sex-ed presentation at the district’s request and even vetted to so-called X-rated material with the district beforehand.

“Mountain Health recognizes the sensitivity of such material and worked actively with the school district to assure that all information was pre-screened and approved prior to presentation.”

While parents of the California middle school students were shocked by what they learned in sex-ed class, it is not the first time something similar has happened in relation to sex-ed and public schools in the United States.

At a middle school in Kansas, The Inquisitr reported that students were greeted by such terms as “oral sex” and “grinding,” in addition to “anal sex.” The terms appeared on a poster for eighth graders at Hocker Grove Middle School in Shawnee, Kansas.

“I looked at my wife, we looked at each other and I was hoping it was a prank a student had pulled,” parent Mark Ellis told Fox News. “I got furious. And I’m still worked up about it.”

Shawnee School Superintendent Jim Hinson sent a message to parents saying that use of the poster, and the sex ed course that goes along with it, would be “suspended” for the time being, pending “a detailed review of the material.”

No further comment from the school district in San Ramon has been released.

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