Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton: What Do They Differ On? Lambert Shares The Details

Miranda Lambert talks openly about her life, career, and husband Blake Shelton in a series of interviews she’s giving to promote her new album, Platinum. Lambert says in her interview with Go Country 105 that she and Shelton have their differences like any married couple. The tabloids would have you believe otherwise, but the leading female country music star isn’t giving off that impression whatsoever. With that said, what is it they don’t see eye-to-eye on?

Lambert says she and her husband have different tastes in movies:

“… Loves alien movies — like, he loves them and I don’t get it. In turn he will watch ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ every time it’s on.”

What about arguments or having an opposite perspective? Blake sounds like he has the “yes, dear” mantra down fairly well! Miranda shares:

“There’s a lot. He’s really smart, he just says ‘yes’ a lot … he just says, ‘Yes you’re right.'”

Another difference Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have is on the subject of pets. Many couples can definitely relate to this problem. Miranda likes a lot of critters in the house. She says:

“I have six dogs and I want them all in the house and I want them all to sleep with me — and he says no.”

Miranda says her Platinum album covers just about every “gamut” there is. She tells Radio.com that a lot of people will be able to relate in some form to her music:

“I know just being a girl, I’m just like everybody else and I know some of the things I’m going through, good or bad, surely there are other people out there that can relate to something on this record because it covers the gamut,” she said. “There’s all kinds of different songs on this record and there’s some humor too, more than I’ve ever had before on any other album.”

Lambert is one of entertainment’s most down-to-earth musicians. She’s genuine, honest, and relatable. Her weight loss success is getting as much attention as her music right now. She just showed off her svelte look at the CMT Awards last week.

Rumors that she and Blake are having marital issues is one thing she’d rather not be getting attention for. Miranda has said on multiple occasions that she’s taken tips from Shelton in paying no mind to disturbing gossip. It’s a part of stardom no one likes, but it’s inevitable at some point for a lot of celebrity couples.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are happy together and continue to prove that negative speculations about them are completely wrong.

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