Inside Facebook’s Changing Face

Facebook’s having a big day for news. In addition to announcing new security measures to protect minors on its site, the social network is revealing new details about its upcoming profile redesign.

The Facebook Developers Blog now explains some of the specific changes users will soon see, including improvements to the feed and wall functions. The overall theme seems to be added more interactivity, customization, and content sharing. Could a MySpace overtake be in their future? They definitely seem to be fighting for it.

The Developers Blog promises more updates over the next two weeks and a public beta site launching sometime this month prior to the full debut.

Facebook has also been the source of intense speculation this week as to a possible Microsoft takeover following reports of contact between the two companies. The Inquisitr has since learned of a growing revolt by some devoted Facebook user groups. Several anti-merger organizations have popped up since yesterday’s news with angry rants against the potential purchase and even threats of abandoning the site altogether if it were to sell.

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