Tracy Morgan May Need Leg Amputated After Crash, Reports Say

Tracy Morgan may lose the leg that was crushed in a car accident on Saturday, reports have indicated.

Morgan was left in critical condition after the early morning crash that also killed his friend and fellow comedian, James McNair. Reports indicated that Morgan broke several bones, including his ribs, nose, and leg.

On Sunday, the gossip blog MediaTakeOut reported that Tracy Morgan may lose his leg due to the severity of the injuries.

“[Tracy] suffered a number of traumatic injuries, the most serious is his leg,” said a source who reportedly works at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. “It was crushed during the accident. [Doctors] are working hard to save his leg, but it looks like they may have to amputate.”

Tractor trailer driver Kevin Roper, 35, was charged in the crash. Sources say the truck driver was nodding off at the wheel, setting off a chain reaction that led a limousine carrying Tracy Morgan and other comedians to be hit.

Roper was identified as a driver for Walmart, and on Sunday the company vowed to look into the crash and take responsibility if the driver was at fault.

“This is a tragedy, and we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved,” Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart US, said in a statement. “The facts are continuing to unfold. If it’s determined that our truck caused the accident, Walmart will take full responsibility.”

The accident was described as a chaotic scene.

“I climbed around and heard Tracy screaming for help,” said his driver, Tyrone Gale. “I climbed up on the body of the limo bus … but I couldn’t reach them.”

Tracy Morgan has showed steady signs of improvement since initially listed in critical condition. On late Saturday, friend said that Morgan was responsive and smiling, despite being in a neck brace. He was later stabilized enough to undergo surgery for his broken bones.

“He has been more responsive today, which is an incredibly encouraging sign,” said Lewis Kay, Morgan’s publicist.

There was no verification on whether Tracy Morgan would need his leg amputated.

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