Jon Voight Praises Angelina Jolie’s Daughter For ‘Maleficient’ Acting Debut

Jon Voight is happy to see his granddaughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, getting into the family business.

The actor and father of Angelina Jolie said the 5-year-old’s debut as Princess Aurora in Maleficient was incredible and reminded him of the first time Angelina acted.

Speaking at The Wrap’s First Annual Emmy Celebration this week, Voight said watching Vivienne took him back to when Angelina made her acting debut alongside him more than 30 years ago. Angelina was 4 when she joined her father in the movie Lookin’ to Get Out.

“Magnificent. She’s wonderful,” the Oscar-winning actor said.

“It was a very lovely moment to see Angie with her on screen, and they were terrific together. It was just great,” Voight added.

Voight added that he is filled with pride seeing Vivienne on the big screen, the same feeling he gets when he sees Angelina.

“It’s the most wonderful thing when you see your little granddaughter, just like when I saw Angie on the screen, you know,” he said.

It marked quite an improvement for Angelina Jolie and her father, who spent close to a decade embroiled in a family feud. After appearing together in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the two were apart for the next eight years before Angelina’s husband Brad Pitt brokered a reunion.

During the feud, Jon Voight gave an interview in which he claimed his daughter had “serious mental problems.”

“I’m broken-hearted… because I’ve been trying to reach my daughter and get her help, and I have failed and I’m sorry,” he said, shortly after Angelina adopted a Cambodian boy named Maddox. “Really I haven’t come forward and addressed the serious mental problems she has spoken about so candidly to the press over the years, but I’ve tried behind the scenes in every way.”

In 2o10, the pair were seen on a boat together following the death of Angelina’s mother, having buried the hatchet.

Jon Voight now appears to be playing the role of supporting grandfather, telling media this week, “But it was really a knockout to see [Vivienne]. I’m telling you. It was great.”

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