Human Remains Found In Crocodile Believed To Be Of 62-Year-Old Man Snatched Off Boat

Human remains found in a crocodile are being further examined to verify if they are those of a 62-year-old man believed to have been snatched off his boat by the ravenous reptile. Australian police say the incident occurred at a popular national park on Saturday. Park rangers shot a 15-foot, 5-inch saltwater crocodile they think attacked the man in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Police Sergeant Andrew Hocking said.

Hocking says two crocodiles were shot about a mile from where the man was attacked. Washington Post reports human remains were found in one of them. An autopsy is underway to determine if the remains belong to the man who was pulled out of his boat by the crocodile. elaborates in its report that the man was emptying a bucket into the water when the attack took place. His wife, son, and daughter-in-law were also on the boat at the time.

The man’s identity hasn’t been released, but Hocking reveals:

“The remains have been taken for examination. There are a number of statements to be taken from witnesses and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”

Hocking tells reporters that the area at Kakadu National Park just recently opened after the wet season. Gathering the remains was initially difficult because large boats can’t get through the waterways. Hocking says search and rescue can only bring in small boats. The “expertise” of the Territory Parks and Wildlife staff “managed to help us bring it to a conclusion,” Hocking shares.

Hocking adds:

“Thankfully this was carried out and the victim recovered very, very quickly. Searches can be quite difficult and take a number of days sometimes before any resolution.”

The Mirror reminds readers that this is the second attack in Australia this year. In January, a 12-year-old boy and his friend were mauled by a crocodile when they swam into a water hole.

Crocodiles have increased in number since a federal law was established in 1971 to protect the species. Crocodile populations rank highest in the Northern Territory section of the nation.

Inquisitr reported on a separate incident in which human remains were found after a crocodile attack in August 2013. The remains were near the crocodile that attacked a 26-year-old man who ignored warning signs about swimming in the Mary River; this, too, is in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Saltwater crocodiles are very large reptiles. They can grow up to 23-feet long and weigh over a ton.

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