Gordon Ramsay In Hot Water Over Eel Soup Recipe

Gordon Ramsay is a world renowned chef who is known for his excellent recipes, just as much as he’s known for his antics on his cooking series on television. Giving a whole new idea of what it means to be a chef personality, Ramsay is often looked at as the best example of what a chef should be, but, unfortunately, he has landed himself in some hot water over an eel soup recipe.

According to the Daily Mail, the Royal Mail claims that Ramsay is putting Conger eel, an endangered species, into his soup recipe. Royal Mail is planning to release a set of stamps in order to warn the public against consuming Conger eel and other endangered species.

The proof that Gordon Ramsay is using the rare eel in his recipe is featured in one of his shows, Kill Your Meat Before You Eat. The episode dates back to three years ago, when Ramsay was filmed catching a Conger eel in the series. Later, he was filming cooking the Conger eel soup. Afterward, Gordon Ramsay served the soup to a party of guests, and said, “We love Conger,” before they enjoyed their meal.

Although Ramsay is accused of using the Conger eel in his recipe, a spokesperson for the chef said that the species is not used in any of his restaurants.

Despite that bit of information, Philip Parker, the head of the stamp strategy at the Royal Mail has still vowed to help people make “informed choices” through the stamp collection. For years, the Royal Mail has issued special stamps that feature endangered species.

There’s still plenty of work to be done, as far as the Royal Mail is concerned. A spokesperson said the demand for sustainable fish like Cornish sardines and herrings are on the rise, and sales have hit an all-time high of 40 percent.

“More and more people are becoming aware of the issues surrounding fish sourcing. Also, people are discovering as they try them that they are a really healthy and a good-value option.”

A spokesperson from Royal Mail said:

“With the majority of the world’s fish stocks currently fully exploited or over-exploited, this is a key issue of concern.”

Unsurprisingly, Gordon Ramsay’s name is in the news aside from the noise made over his eel soup. There’s a drama brewing between Ramsay and Rowen Seibel, the owner of Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace. The last we heard Ramsay called Seibel “fraudulent,” “inept,” “self-dealing,” “incompetent” and “dishonest.” The two are currently embroiled in a lawsuit after Seibel accused Ramsay of shutting down his Fat Cow restaurant in L.A.

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