Ariana Grande Shuts Down Marilyn Monroe Haters On Twitter

Ariana Grande doesn’t have time for people who feel the need to put down her heroes.

The “Problem” singer decided to celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s birthday earlier this month with a post on Twitter. Unfortunately for Grande, it didn’t take long for a handful of nasty trolls to ruin the moment. Instead of letting them get away with throwing some shade on the late Norma Jean, Ariana decided to take them to task.

According to Hollywood Life, Grande didn’t waste any time letting these haters know precisely how she felt about their questionable behavior. In fact, she said that Monroe’s insecurities were caused by this kind of blatant disrespect. Ariana didn’t mince words, going as far as to brand these troublemakers as “a**holes.”

However, Ariana Grande’s rant didn’t stop there. She continued to grind the haters under her foot with a lengthy post on TwitLonger. Gossip Cop reports that the initial tweet was later deleted, though the extended version is still alive and well on the internet.

Have a look at Grande’s message in its unedited glory:

“so much hate for celebrating Marilyn’s spirit on her birthday. I adore her work and have compassion for her inner sadness that she covered up on a daily basis that assholes like you made her feel in the first place!! judging her for her wildly rumored personal life (which is truly no one else’s business) is only a distraction from her talent, beauty, comedic genius and effervescent spirit…. it always breaks my heart to see people say such terrible things about people they’ve never met / don’t really know the one hundred percent truth about. so today, I choose to celebrate the beautiful parts of marilyn. we should only and always focus on the beautiful things… because what we focus on expands….. which is why I feel for the people who focus on hate…. because that’s all you have to give. and I truly do feel sorry for you because when you’ve been dead for 50 some odd years…… nobody will be wishing you a happy birthday.”

Ariana Grande frequently has to deal with all sorts of unsavory types on Twitter. The Inquisitr previously reported about the singer posting a lengthy response following ruors that her salary was causing a serious problem behind-the-scenes on the hit Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat. Word of advice: If you irritated Grande enough, then she will shut you down on social media. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Are you surprised that Ariana Grande shot down haters after celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s birthday? Do you agree that people were disrespectful?

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