Oldie-But-Goody: Vivienne W. Likes to Burn Bridges

I think that Vivienne Westwood went to go see the wrong movie, since she thought Sex and the City was about “cutting-edge fashion” and then found out there was “nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what [she] saw.” I wonder what Sarah Jessica Parker thought about that, considering that she had gushed about Carrie’s 81 outfits in the film and said that the film “certainly doesn’t disappoint in fashion.”

I am a little surprised about Vivienne’s comments, since her $25,000 wedding dress (worn by Carrie in the film) sold to private buyers and she got lots and lots of publicity. I have a feeling that someone’s not going to be included in a possible sequel at this rate. Moreover, was SATC really that bad? If you hadn’t seen the show and weren’t one of the ones who couldntwaitcouldntwait for the continuation, probably.

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