Watch Canadian Grand Prix Live Online, Formula 1 Streaming Video

Fans can watch the Canadian Grand Prix live online and see whether Formula 1 teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton can continue their season-long streak.

The Mercedes teammates have won all of the F1 races so far this year, and things already seem to be pointing in that direction again. The 29-year-old Hamilton, who won four of the first six races, finished first in practice for Sunday’s race. Rosberg finished just behind in second place.

“I’m very satisfied, I was very happy with the car and it was a really good day. We have good pace, we were expecting to be strong here and it looks to be going that way,” Rosberg said.

The race is scheduled for Sunday at 1 pm local time (5 pm GMT).

Those who watch the Canadian Grand Prix live online will see a Mercedes team that is seemingly unstoppable. Hamilton said his success this year comes down to a simple tactic — driving faster than everyone else.

“Generally, I just go as fast as I can,” he said. “Other people try to sandbag but that’s not my way.”

Those who watch the Canadian Grand Prix could see part of history, as the Mercedes team is looking for a season sweep. So far Lewis Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg have won all races and sit No. 1 and No. 2 atop the Formula 1 leaderboard.

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso said he believes the Mercedes team have a very good shot of winning all 19 races.

“They should be in a position to win all the races probably, so it is going to be tight between them,” Alonso said earlier this year. “Probably the championship will be decided by who finishes most races between them.”

Racing fans who want to watch the Canadian Grand Prix live online will have plenty of options to find Formula 1 streaming video. Viewers in the United States can click here, while those in the UK can click here. Fans in India can find streaming video here and viewers in Australia can find video here.