WWE News: The Potential Favorites To Win The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

A lot of rumors have come out in regards to the Money in the Bank PPV. The first is the fact that the WWE does not currently know what type of WWE World Heavyweight Championship match they will have. It all comes down to the health of Daniel Bryan. Currently we know that he is still nursing the recovery from his neck surgery. WWE wants to have him back soon because he is a very big part of their future plans. The problem is that if he is not healthy enough to return, he simply cannot step foot in the ring.

If he did, Bryan would have to take on Kane in a Stretcher Match. For those unfamiliar with this type of match in the WWE, a man must be beaten down bad enough to be put on a stretcher and pushed up the ramp. It’s basically a No DQ match and hardcore rules apply in a major way. Bryan would not return for a simple match if he did make it to the Money in the Bank PPV.

This is why WWE had a back up plan. If Bryan could not compete, the Money in the Bank match would be for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title match. WWE would most likely know if they needed to do this within the next two weeks, specifically the go-home show or last WWE RAW before the PPV.

If WWE did do this, rumor states that the company might do two Money in the Bank matches like always. One would be for the Title and the other would be for the briefcase like usual, so that someone can still be built up at Mr. Money in the Bank. Of course if WWE did not need to have the Ladder match for the title, there would only be one MITB match. Either way, it does seem like the WWE is leaning toward at least someone being Mr. Money in the Bank.

The question is, who?

There were two people who were favored to win the briefcase a couple weeks ago, Bad News Barrett and Cesaro.

The idea heading into the event was to build up both for the rest of the year, but one would be built with the briefcase. Of course, these plans will be effected depending on if Daniel Bryan is healthy come MITB.

If he is, then both could still be potential favorites. WWE may still only have one MITB match. That being said, if they did then only one would have the opportunity to win. It is uncertain what would happen if two would go down. Potentially the losers of the qualifying matches would be involved in the other. A bit weird, but potentially what WWE has to do.

The new favorite in fans’ eyes is Seth Rollins. Rollins is now with The Authority. Due to this, he would obviously be used a lot in the main event scene. If WWE does two MITB matches, it’s felt among many that Rollins would be the winner of the one with the briefcase. If there is only one, Rollins would most likely still be in it… but he would not win the match if it’s for the title, yet could still be the winner if done for the case only. Confusing, but pretty much how WWE works when they are not sure about where things will go as of yet.

The favorite to win in the Title Ladder match is either Randy Orton or John Cena, as it would allow WWE to survive with a top name as champion. One rumored storyline idea is to make Orton the champion in one of the matches and have Rollins cash in on him at a later date when WWE plans to turn him face. That would only work if WWE does two MITB matches.

Obviously most of this is rumors and no one is guaranteed anything as of yet. Many feel that due to the WWE having to wait last minute on a lot of things, they will end up potentially going with fan reaction materials when it comes to the World Title and MITB matches. WWE has a lot to think about come Money in the Bank, what will happen is still undetermined.

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