Spider Man In Korea Is Very Happy To See You… Which Makes A Lot Of People Angry

Spider Man, the web-slinging, wall-crawling, crime fighting Marvel superhero, made his presence known in Korea recently… and he was more than just friendly. He was very friendly simply by the pictures shown.

According to an article by Kotaku, a sculpture of Spider Man by artist, Eunsuk Yoo, is notorious in the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea. It has also been on display since last year. Now generally, this would be every nerd and geek’s pleasure to see one of their iconic superheroes displayed in the form of visual fine art. Unfortunately, there is one thing that stands out about this sculpture of Spider Man: his boner.

The sculpture probably wouldn’t have gotten as much heat as it should, being if the artistic endeavor behind it is fully explained. People are willing to let certain artistic visions slide and Spider Man with a boner is Yoo’s vision, which will be explained later in this article. Unfortunately, Yoo had Spider Man set up in a very bad location.

Eunsuk Yoo made the terrible choice of displaying his Spider Man with boner statue right above an area where people would rest, which is right across from a children’s play area. I am sure the parents were shocked when their children asked what was in Spidey’s pants.

Nevertheless, the image of Spider Man with a boner has gone viral in South Korea as complaints about the piece spread like wildfire. In the end, Eunsuk Yoo was given an ultimatum: take down the sculpture or modify it… as in cut the woody off. Yoo, like all artists, doesn’t really want to compromise his vision, so he had it taken down.

Eunsuk Yoo explained on his official Facebook page the reason why he made his sculpture, and as stated above, it is to keep his vision intact, in which he said (translated):

“I am the artist who made this piece. My reason for it was that I wanted apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero depict whats’s natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way.”

The last thing the webhead needs now is bad news, especially since The Inquisitr reported the upcoming anticipation of Amazing Spider Man 2 and that Las Vegas might attempt to run the playSpider Man: Turn off the Dark. Maybe Eunsuk Yoo will think twice before deciding where he would place his next sculpture.

[Images via Eunsuk Yoo’s official artist Facebook page]

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