Chinese man compensated for cyberbullying

So how much it worth being the victim of cyberbullying? Well a man in China found out recently when Wang Fei decided to sue the people responsible for him losing his job, harassing his friends and generally making his life miserable after he was singled out online after he was blamed for his wife’s suicide.

It all started when Fei’s wife; suspecting that he was having an affair, jumped from the 24th floor of a building. This was after she posted the pictures online of the woman she thought was having the affair with her husband. This was followed with the posting of Wang Fei’s personal information online by a friend of the dead wife. As a result Fei’s lost his job when people started picketing out side of his workplace and had to face graffiti being painted on his and his parent’s homes.

A Beijing court decided in favour of Fei and ordered the people involved to pay Wang Fei a total of 9,000 yuan (about $1,300). Fei had been seeking 135,000 yuan (about $19,600) but the court docked him for moral turpitude when Fei admitted he had been having an affair.

[hat tip to Threat Level]

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