‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Movie – Puke Fest Or Teenage Love?

The Fault In Our Stars movie just hit US theaters this Friday, June 6. The question still remains – is it a worthwhile movie about teenage love and pain, or is it a potential puke fest? Have no fears, because we’re here to unveil the answer!

First and foremost, The Fault In Our Stars is a romantic comedy/drama based on the similarly titled novel by John Michael Green, an American author of teen fiction. This right off the bat differentiates it from the extraordinary sappy Twilight movie series, which veered toward full-fledged romance (and vampirism, of course).

Second, this movie tells the tale of two unconventional teenagers who fall in love while at a cancer support group. However, the film does not revolve around their conditions, as National Review explains:

“It doesn’t exploit the drama of diagnosis, horror and teary acceptance; the characters have had cancer for years already, and have worked out believably different ways of living with their condition.”

According to the New York Times, The Fault In Our Stars is narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old only child who expects to die from thyroid cancer sooner than later. Having nearly died from it several years prior (after which she was put on an experimental drug called Phalanxifor that has helped her regain some composure), she has since developed a rather skeptical, wry, and deadpan approach to life. She knows death approaches, and she realizes that she can do nothing to alter her fate.

Her mother detects this seeping depression and therefore decides to enroll Hazel in a Christian support group that meets every Wednesday. It is here that she meets Augustus Waters, a charming 18-year-old who remains dedicated to remaining positive, despite the fact that he already lost one leg due to cancer.

You kind of begin to understand the stark contrast between their personalities during their first encounter, when, after being chastised by Hazel for pulling out a cigarette and sticking it in his mouth (but not lighting it), Augustus replies by saying, “It’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it to the power to do its killing.”

The term “optimism” frankly fails to accurately describe his remarkable commitment to leading “an extraordinary life” — one bound to leave many viewers with a lump in their throat.

So, is his unparalleled optimism powerful enough to pull loose the fangs of depression that grip Hazel’s heart? Well, we’re very sorry to inform you, but you’ll have to see The Fault In Our Stars yourself to find out! All we can tell you is that this film is anything but a puke fest! It’s an extraordinarily moving film that is bound to inspire optimism in you, so stop waiting and go buy some tickets today!

In the meantime, check out the movie trailer for The Fault In Our Stars below:

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