Is Miley Cyrus’ Leaked Tune ‘Last Goodbye’ About Liam Hemsworth?

Did Miley Cyrus write another song about her ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? According to Hollywood Life, a new Cyrus track called “Last Goodbye” has leaked online and, based on the lyrics, it sounds like it might be about Liam. When a snippet of the song was released by the singer last year, many believed that it was written about her dog Lila. The Yorkshire terrier died after injuries sustained in an incident with one of Cyrus’ other dogs, Ziggy. However, now that the full song has leaked, it sounds like it’s about Liam.

The song starts off like this:

“We never said that we would be perfect
We only said that we tried
And when you said that we were forever
I guess that’s just another lie
Let me slip right through your fingers
I hope you know it’s real this time, yeah
To know that I said I’d never come home for a last goodbye.”

Many believe that Miley Cyrus wrote the song “Wrecking Ball” about Liam Hemsworth, but there are a few tracks on her latest album Bangerz that could easily be about her relationship with him. The two were engaged for quite a while but ended things on a bitter note. Obviously their relationship and subsequent split has given Cyrus plenty of inspiration for her music.

“Last Goodbye” continues:

“I don’t wanna let you go if you still love me
Cause I don’t wanna see you cry, yeah
But it feels like you and I are dying
And there’s no one that can save our lives
And I know we’re sick and tired of fighting
Sick and tired of being sick and tired, yeah
But I know that you’re gonna want me
To come home for a last goodbye-ye-ye, oh oh oh
Bye-ye-ye, oh oh oh.”

According to Digital Spy, the song was recorded for Bangerz but never made the cut. The next verse goes like this:

“Lying in the dark with you against me
I can’t even open my eyes
Cause the pain is always a pleasure
Don’t think I can take another night
How has my best friend became such a stranger
It seemed like everything was fine
We’ve already been through this twice and I’m never
Coming home for a last goodbye.”

Aside from the leaked track, Miley Cyrus has also been dealing with a burglary that occurred at her home while she was in Europe. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, someone broke into Miley’s house in San Fernando Valley and made out with “a luxury Maserati and an unspecified amount of valuable jewelry.” There have been two arrests made in the case.

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