Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is So Versatile, Its Promo Starts From The Bed

Microsoft has surely produced one potent offering in the form of the latest Surface Pro 3 Laptop–Tablet hybrid. The company is so confident of its versatility that the promotional video of the product begins in one of the most unlikely places; a bed.

The first, of the presumably many, Surface Pro 3 ads has debuted, reported CNET. Clearly aimed at the TV audience, it has an interesting message – you can use the tablet in bed. The ad itself begins in, you guessed it, bed. However, the ad is fast-paced and manages to showcase the flexibility of the Surface Pro 3 within 30 seconds. The person holding the tablet quickly transitions from one scenario to another and highlights how the Surface Pro 3 can easily and quickly transform from a simple tablet to a full-fledged workstation within a matter of seconds.

Why start with the bed? There is a strong reason to suggest the usage of tablet in the bed. The Surface Pro 3 is much lighter than any of its predecessors. Moreover, as compared to the Surface Pro 2, the Surface Pro 3 is a little wider as well as longer, too. This allows for a much better distribution, which, in turn, is expected to make it easy for the tablet’s usage in bed or while lying-down.

The ad manages to show just how flexible the Surface Pro 3 is. During the entire video, the tablet’s display is shown to have exceptional reverse bendability. You can easily tilt the tablet’s display to angles that are near impossible for any modern day laptop.

Surface Pro 3 is touch-pen enabled and the ad positively demonstrates the ability to execute tasks while on the go. The ad closes with Microsoft’s most successful software product-line, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the tagline, “The power and speed to do real work.”

What was Microsoft thinking with Surface Pro 3? The Surface Pro 3 and its ads are obviously aimed at users who have business-inclinations. As The Inquisitr reported, the Surface pro 3 packs some solid processing punch. With a faster Core i5 Processor, zippy and roomy SSD and ample RAM, the refreshed and revamped Surface Pro 3 could very well be a winner.

The only aspect that could stand its way of mainstream adoption is the price. The sale of Surface Pro 3 tablet-laptop hybrid is expected to begin on June 20, 2014.

[Image Credit | Microsoft]

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