Eva Green Gets Digital Breast Reduction For ‘Sin City 2’ Poster

Eve Green is getting a bit of work done, though the breast reduction that the 33-year-old actress just got is purely digital.

Green was featured on a poster for Sin City 2 that was so racy that it actually got banned by the MPAA. The film regulating body noted that it was banned “for nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

The poster was a nearly full body shot of Eva Green wearing a sheer white robe and holding a gun. The racy picture had a caption that read, “I’ve been especially bad.”

In order to appease the MPAA, the makers of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For were forced to give Eva Green a bit of a breast reduction. A new version of the poster shows the French actress still wielding a pistol and sporting blood-red nails and lips, only now the curves showing underneath her sheer robe are a bit softer.

Eva Green said the poster fit well with her character, the beautiful but deadly Ava Lord.

“She’s a femme fatale. She’s an archetype of the femme fatale, like in all the films that we know. Like Double Indemnity,” Green told Entertainment Weekly. “She’s like an Ava Gardner or a Rita Hayworth. She uses men to gain money and power. She was really fun to play because she can be fragile and very vulnerable with a man — and with another man, she’s a real b****.”

Green herself has become something of a comic book maven. Sin City is based on the set of graphic novels by Frank Miller, and Green had previously starred in 300: Rise of an Empire, another movie adapted from a comic book.

Though the poster caused a bit of controversy, it also drew attention to the sequel of the 2005 movie Sin City. This time around the sequel will be shown in 3D, which director Robert Rodriguez said was a deliberate choice.

“[T]here’s something about the way Sin City works that I thought would lend itself very well to 3D because the images are so stripped down and abstract … you almost can see it better in 3D. It’ll be really cool,” he said.

Those who show up to actually see Eva Green in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will likely see things a lot racier than the poster. The movie has been rated R for violence and sexual content. It is set for release on August 22.

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