Kane Zipperman Posts Messages From His Ex On Twitter, Becomes Internet Hero!

When you just realize that your partner has cheated on you, that too with your best friend, it is usually a very emotional moment. Most people take it very seriously and go in to instant depression. Not many would have however reacted the way this dude did, reports The Huffington Post. Meet Kane Zipperman who is being hailed as an Internet hero for breaking up with his ex girlfriend. In style.

Kane Zipperman, who goes by the alias “Bobby Light” on Twitter posted screenshots of the conversation he had with ex, just before breaking up, to the social media website. What happened next was a volley of retweets and shares that made him an immediate internet sensation.

As the screenshots show, the conversation starts with a text from Kane’s ex who says ” I still like you a lot” to which Kane retorts with “I like Meth”. She replies, “Do you still like me?” to which Zipperman says, “No”. He adds, “You could have asked if I love you” to which she replies “Aww, do you love me?” This is where his usage of hilarious meme’s starts. He replies with an emphatic “No” embedded in a meme. Here, take a look at the conversation itself!

Kane Zipperman break up conversation

When the girl realized that the conversation between Kane and herself has been posted on to Twitter, she calls him a douche – to which he retorts with a classic reply, “It was just one tweet”, referring to the girls earlier admission that she was with “just one other guy”.

Kane Zipperman, who had around 2000 followers before the spat went viral, now boasts of over 30,000 followers. That tweet of his with the screenshots have been retweeted over 75,000 times and has been favorited by over 93,000 people! Needless to say, Kane is now an almost international internet celebrity.

There are people though who question the veracity of the story – asking if the girl exists in real and whether all this was simply a set up by Kane. Then there are some who are on the girl’s side by saying that there was no need for Kane Zipperman to make it all public. They are also of the opinion that his best friend, with him the girl cheated upon, too was equally responsible for cheating.

Thanks to his new fond celebrity status Kane Zipperman is appearing on HLN TV at 12:30 tomorrow to talk about the incident. Boy that’s gonna be one heck of an interview!

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