Demi Moore And Madonna Can’t Stand One Another [Rumor]

Demi Moore and Madonna are reportedly on the outs, and it’s all thanks to Ashton Kutcher.

The Two and a Half Men star famously divorced Moore a while ago, a separation that included Kutcher stealing mutual friend Guy Oseary from Demi. Since Oseary is Madonna’s manager, there’s a nasty rumor going around that the Indecent Proposal star and the Material Girl are no longer friends.

Where did these reports about Demi Moore and Madonna originate? All signs presently point to the folks over Radar Online. According to one of their anonymous sources, Madonna and her manager have basically kicked Demi out of their lives. If you didn’t have a reason to shake your head at Kutcher’s behavior, then you probably have one now.

“Ashton has flat-out stolen Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, as a friend from Demi, and now Guy and Madge have mutually frozen Demi out of their lives. Ashton and Guy have become super close. They would often throw parties together before Mila found out she was expecting,” the source told the outlet.

The insider added, “[Demi Moore] has been on the outs with Guy for a while. Guy’s Oscar party last year was the first since 2006 that Demi didn’t co-host, which has all mutual parties involved convinced that Demi and Madonna are also on the outs.”

The anonymous source said that Demi is understandably upset about her deteriorating relationship. Since Madonna and her manager often consult one another before doing anything, UPI reports that Moore is essentially getting the cold shoulder from both parities.

If that’s not enough Demi Moore-related gossip to get you through the rest of the week, then the Business Standard has even more juiciness for you to consume. According to the website, Moore’s daughter Rumer isn’t happy with the way her mother behaves these days. In short: She wants her to start acting like an adult. It’s never fun when the kids are giving their parents this sort of advice.

“Rumer thinks her mom is gorgeous, but she also thinks Demi needs to start looking more mature. Demi is known for wearing sexy, thigh-high skirts, but she’s turning 52 in November and Rumer feels she needs to lower her hemline,” a source explained.

The insider continued, “Rumer is afraid that when [Demi’s boyfriend] Sean [Friday] is ready to start a family he’ll find younger woman – just like Ashton did with Mila Kunis. She knows how crushed Demi was when Ashton moved on, and she doesn’t want her mother to go through that again.”

What do you think about the drama centered around Demi Moore and Madonna?

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