Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Is Heading Back To Court

Looks like Friends star Lisa Kudrow is heading back to court. The actress is in the middle of requesting a new trial after her lawyer received a letter from the foreman of the jury that it was against the 1.6 million breach-of-contract lawsuit that was brought up by Kudrow’s ex-manager.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kudrow was told to pay $1.6 million to her ex-manager. The Friends star is acting in hopes that the verdict gets thrown out the window after it was revealed that jury foreman Steve de Bode wrote Kudrow’s lawyer an apology letter.

In the letter de Bode stated:

“Having now had some time to fully interpret the discussion within the jury room, I have come to realize that the majority of the jurors believed the Plaintiff’s council, who in his opening statement portrayed Lisa Kudrow as ‘the smartest person in the room’ and then over the course of the trial proceeded to demean and ‘play up’ her Phoebe Buffay role throughout.”

Within the letter De Bode stated that everything within the lawsuit was an attempt to make Kudrow look back because she’s in the limelight. He stated that he was troubled by the, “unwarranted, untrue and for lack of a better word, viscous [sic] attack of Lisa Kudrow’s character.”

The juror went on to stay that he apologizes for the verdict and doesn’t think it was a correct decision to make. Hoping that the letter is just what she needs to turn her situation around, Kudrow is set to arrival in court on June 10 in hopes that she’s granted a new trial and that her verdict is off the table.

The motion from attorney Timothy Lee, who is now acting as Kudrow’s lawyer states, “Juror No. 2’s comments constituted improper communication of special knowledge, which led to five jurors ignoring the law as stated by the court.”

Kudrow’s ex-manager’s attorney, Mark Baute is not taking this lying down. Baute told The Hollywood Reporter about the attempt to start a new trial. “Someone on ‘Team Kudrow’ needs to tell her what she needs to hear, not what she wants to hear. What she needs to hear is this: the verdict is righteous, it will be affirmed on appeal.”

Currently Kudrow’s former manager is asking for millions of dollars in post-termination commissions, which he says was the oral agreement between himself and Kudrow.

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