Rihanna’s Dress Style Vs Peter Griffin’s Dress Style – Who Wore It Better?

Rihanna showed up at the CFDA Fashion Awards this past Monday in a see-through dress that allowed us all a very intimate glimpse of her body.

Everybody knows this by now. It has been a headline story on practically every entertainment website on the Internet. What you may not know is that Family Guy’s Peter Griffin ain’t impressed with her dress! Check it:

According to US Weekly, exactly one day after the CFDA Fashion Awards, TBS tweeted a picture of Family Guy superstar Peter Griffin wearing the exact same dress:

Oh no, he didn’t! Actually, yeah, he did! Zzzzzzzing! And thus what could conceivably be the greatest battle of dresses ever was launched!

Unfortunately, rather than get catty and start a fight with Peter over the dress (which we admittedly would have very much enjoyed seeing), Rihanna responded all politely and stuff by complimenting Peter (how boring!):

Peter then remained silent for a day. However, TBS officially responded on his behalf Tuesday night with the following tweet:

Oh my, my, my!

So there you go, folks. This might just be the most intense ‘Who Wore It Better’ ever in worldwide history. Well, not really. It’s certainly the sexiest, though! Regardless, one question still remains – what prompted Rihanna to wear that super-duper showy dress to the fashion show in the first place?

During an interview with Style, designers Mel Ottenberg and Adam Selman expressed their belief that the female body is part of beauty, which itself is the cornerstone of fashion. The point is that they were going more-so for genuine beauty & fashion than they were going for shock value and scandal when they designed the dress.

In fact, Mel had told Rihanna that “she was ready for this dress” a long time ago. It was actually the designers who were holding back. They are not prudes, or so they allege, but they needed time to catch up. Well, they’re caught up now!

Anyway. So what do you think? Who wore the dress better – Rihanna or Peter Griffin? Better yet, who would you prefer to date? Don’t be afraid to tell us! We promise that we’ll keep it secret!

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