Sharon Osbourne Slams Simon Cowell (Video)

Sharon Osbourne is beloved by millions. Maybe we love Sharon because of her boldness in saying exactly what she thinks, regardless of the consequences. Or maybe it is a combination of her outspokenness mixed with her wit, charisma and loveable charm. Regardless, Sharon Osbourne will be missed on X Factor, as she has clearly stated she will not be returning, per

While Sharon mentions several reasons for not returning, she speaks candidly about what “the boss,” Simon Cowell, is looking for in an X Factor judge. Sixty-one year old Sharon professes that Simon Cowell is looking for a judge that is “young and skinny.” Sharon also continues, according to Daily Mail, that Simon wants someone he can tell what to do.

Holding back is not something Sharon Osbourne seems to be able to do when it comes to (what she calls) a love/hate relationship between herself and Simon. It is obvious that it could prove to be interesting and very entertaining to have Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell going toe to toe.

Sharon fully believes that Simon wants someone he can control as an X Factor judge, as opposed to herself, who is extremely strong and vocal in her opinions, per Daily News. Osbourne reveals that Simon would try to tell her what to do and say, and Sharon says she would end up giving him a (expletive). Yes, that is the Sharon Osbourne we know and love.

Sharon explains how she feels that an X Factor judge needs to completely understand the music industry, as well as marketing. A judge needs to be able to recognize that it’s more than a great voice. Sharon continues to explain that the performer needs to exude charisma.

“You can have the best voice in the world, but if you’ve got no likeability you’re done,” Osbourne explains.

Bottom line, Sharon seems to think some young and skinny judge may not be qualified to recognize those qualities.

Although Sharon slams Simon from time to time in current and in past interviews, Sharon Osbourne seems to be able to get away with it. And Sharon says Simon gives it back to her just as much as she dishes it his direction. Sharon Osbourne will be missed on X Factor. And we’ll be watching for that young, skinny new judge, won’t we, Sharon?

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