Reddit Explains Which Job Interview Red Flags Are The Worst

Over on reddit, threads sometimes blow up with user stories — like this one, about job interview red flags.

Most people over 25 have had at least one nightmare job, and usually, the job interview provides some clues as to what lay in store. However, hindsight is 20/20, everyone is a Monday morning quarterback, and it’s easy to spot a problem after something goes wrong.

As for job interview red flags, it’s also easy to be blinded by the prospect of earning more money — and it’s almost always the job of the interviewer to sell you on the company as much as it is your job to make a great impression and mutually sell your talents.

Going for a job interview? The collective wisdom of reddit offers up these warning signals that sometimes present on the first meeting.

“All the employees seem new to the job.”

While hiring pushes can be one cause for a mostly green staff, take pause here. Sometimes companies are so poorly managed they simply cannot hang on to employees, and other times, an entire staff is “purged” to obfuscate the memory of a bad event or prior management. Be on the lookout!

“When you continuously see the job advertised you know it’s bad. I don’t know how employers don’t see the issue and make it a better job. I mean one more break in the day goes a huge way to making a s***** job tolerable.”

Things are a lot better for job seekers than they were just a few years ago. Still, getting a good job is always competitive — and if a company seems to be perpetually understaffed in this economy, working for that company is probably financially and overall unpleasant.

“Be careful with anything that advertises as an ‘entry-level marketing position’ – I interviewed for this position last year, which took place at a Starbucks where I paid for my own drink. It turned out to be door-to-door gas payment plan sales. They expected you to also do sales presentations in people’s house. Er no.”

Generally, unless you went to business school, “marketing” is code for wearing a Big Bird costume and dancing on the corner.

“Anywhere that advertises what you COULD earn instead of what you WILL earn… They’re going to use you up and spit you out.”

Unless you’re really in a commission-based field and this is to be expected, be wary if much of your promised salary is up in the air.

Read all of reddit’s job interview red flags over here.

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