‘The Last Of Us’ For PS4 Has Release Date, Naughty Dog Not Telling

We’ve known for a while that The Last Of Us was coming to the PS4 but we’ve been kept in the dark about when it might actually be launching. Now there is an official release date, but game developer Naughty Dog isn’t letting us know that date just yet.

Naughty Dog’s game director, Bruce Staley, took to Twitter himself a few days ago in order to announce the company did indeed have a release date for what is being called The Last Of Us Remastered.

As Gamingbolt points out, Staley stopped just short of actually saying what the date might be. This is likely his way of getting people hyped up for E3 and it seems likely the release date for the game will finally be announced at the gaming conference.

There have been other reports that have supposedly had information about when The Last Of US Remastered was supposed to be hitting store shelves, including one tweet by the British electronics and gaming store GAME.

While GAME originally claimed the newest edition for the PS4 stable was going to be coming in the next few days, staff members eventually went back and apologized for the overanxious announcement. They claimed there was no truth to the statement the title would be out anytime soon.

It stands to reason The Last Of Us for the PS4 will indeed be out before the Holiday season rolls around. It makes even more sense the game would be released before the end of the summer.

It should also be pointed out the furor surrounding this new version of the game is really interesting considering the original was released less than a year ago. There are still plenty of copies of the PS3 version on store shelves these days.

There has been an awful lot of talk about a possible sequel for The Last Of Us for quite a while now. Some people even offered theories about a possible sequel announcement at the Los Angeles gaming conference as well.

It’s more likely that the rumblings of a big Naughty Dog announcement had to do with this Remastered version of the original than an actual sequel. The game series has been so popular in such a short period of time it has even spawned a movie adaptation.

Sony’s E3 press conference is at Monday at 6PM and it is there where The Last Of Us Remastered for the PS4 will be announced.

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