Jennifer Lopez Dumping Casper Smart? Transsexual Sofie Vissa Speaks Out On Rumors

Casper Smart might just lose the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Rumors have been flying that the dancer (who has been dating the incredible Jennifer Lopez since 2011) has been stepping out on his woman with not one, but two transsexuals. In a new exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly, one of Smart’s rumored flings spoke about her “relationship” with him.

Sofie Vissa says that it all started like this:

“I’d put the hashtags #TS, #Shemale and #transgendered on one of my photos, and when I went back to look at my phone, I’d gotten a request to follow me from Casper. As soon as I approved him, he started ‘liking’ a lot of my pictures. He liked at least 20 to 30 pictures.”

Casper Smart has allegedly been talking to Vissa on a regular basis, asking her to send him explicit photos, and even messaging her while he was with Jennifer Lopez in Vegas a couple of weeks ago! Apparently Smart also told Vissa that he wanted to meet up with her, and he told her that he would text her and that they would plan something. Soon after that, Vissa says, Casper started covering his tracks and deleting his messages. He has not blocked her, however.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sofie Vissa wasn’t the only person to come forward and claim that Casper was flirting. Xristina Marie (also a transsexual) claims that she sent Casper Smart naked photos of herself — and that he returned the favor. Apparently he told her that he “needed something good,” hinting that he wanted a nude selfie of her.

And in case anyone was wondering, both Xristina Marie and Sofie Vissa say that Smart is well aware that both women are transsexuals.

While this seems like a lot to handle, you can probably imagine what Casper and Jennifer Lopez are going through. At this time, neither Casper nor JLo have given any public attention to the rumors. Casper’s Twitter is filled with tweets and retweets focusing on positive things in both his career and his girlfriend’s career. As much as people want to feed into the hype and read into the rumors, no one has produced hard evidence — it’s all he said / she said at this point. Now, if someone were to come forward with screenshots of messages from Casper and the supposed nude photos of him, people would have something to talk about — and Jennifer Lopez would more than likely be single.

Until then? These claims are just rumors.

[Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur / WireImage via Daily News]