The Winnipeg Jets unveil new logos

True North has debuted the logos for the reconstituted Winnipeg Jets, which of course use to be the Atlanta Thrashers. Here is a look at the old jets logo:

It looks to be a pretty nice modernization of the classic Jets look. For the most part I like it, I of course would have preffered the Jets to come back as they were, but I understand their want/need to modernize the classic Jets feel. True North wants their team to have their own strong identity, of course that indentity would avoid a franchise that packed up its bags and moved to the desert, so I understand the need here to make the Jets their own team once again.

To be real truthful the script logo shown above, and the alternate logo seen below are clear upgrades. Let me also take the time to thank the folks over at for the images of the new Jets colors.

It is a strong sign that True North may be very good stewards for this franchsie, and that Gary Bettman’s grand southern strategy for the NHL was a very large mistake. If guys in the great white north are this adapt at not only selling tickets but rebranding teams, we shoud immediatley move more teams to Canada.

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