Maksim ‘I Love Her’: Maks Says He Loves Meryl Davis

Maksim says “I love her” and the internet world lights up! Of course Maks was talking about his Dancing with the Stars partner, Meryl Davis. According to Us Weekly, Maks Chmerkovskiy recently talked about his time with Meryl — and their relationship post-show. Sadly, the two still maintain that they aren’t dating (but you can choose to believe whatever you like!).

Maks explained:

“[The rumors are] always circulating around us dancers. It’s fine. That’s the nature of what we do. We’re always in close proximity to each other. In order to produce what Meryl and I produced, there had to have been so much chemistry, and we had it. And that’s what leads people who are not used to that to speculate, which is great. I love that.”

Maksim then said the big words:

“I love her. I love her! I love her as a person and for what she has allowed me to do with our choreography and how much she’s embraced it…I literally had a perfect partnership with Meryl. Everything just came together.”

He added:

“She’s a brilliant person, and she’s also very normal. I enjoyed my time with her. It was sad when the season was over. I’ll meet her for dinner and everything is great.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Maks and Meryl recently reunited for dinner. The two posed for at least one photo together which made its way onto Instagram and got people curious about the status of their relationship all over again. They certainly look like they are in love… but are they?

Maks’ brother, Val, recently spoke about Maks’ maybe-romance with Meryl Davis and said that he’s never seen Maks love a woman the way that he loves Meryl. No one has really seen Maks so smitten — and most Dancing with the Stars fans noticed a huge change in him last season. According to the International Business Times, Meryl recently responded to that comment.

“Wow… I don’t even know what to say. I like to keep my personal life personal but OK, Val… he’s going to be getting a call this afternoon (sic).”

Although Maksim says that he loves her, it seems as though the two are still trying to figure things out. Perhaps their chemistry didn’t transpire into something magical off the dance floor (but, really, who believes that?!). Do you think that Maks and Meryl are dating? If not, do you think that they will end up together in the future?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Ida Mae Astute]

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