Judge: Victoria Secret Legend Julie Ordon Did $300K In Damage To Her Flat

A judge in Manhattan just ruled that one of Victoria Secrets’ veteran damsels of the skimpy nightie, new mother Julie Ordon, and her husband get the bill for doing $300,000 in damage to their $32,000-a-month palace flat rental in SoHo.

Though Ordon and producer hubby David Mimran still claim to never have been at the apartment when the damage occurred, their landlord, Richard Sabella, countered by showing how the Switzerland stunner had a good chunk of her clothing in the apartment when the damage occurred. Mimran claimed to have been in Los Angeles at the time, but the landlord he should be liable too. Sabella takes on a tone of histrionic distress when describing the wreck he found.

“These damages can only be described as intentional destruction of property under the circumstances,” barked Sabella in his civil complaint.

According to the New York Post, Sabella accuses the 29-year-old Victoria Secret, Playboy and Sports Illustrated hired hottie of things like gluing child-safety mechanisms to antique furniture and letting her dog do its business on Sabella’s hand-woven rug from Nepal. Gasp! Why didn’t Ordon just have the little sh*t storm slaughtered?

If the damage was just that, there might be some reason to be lenient. But Sabella had more destruction to detail: like a damaged Art Deco table valued at $45,000 that took a half-year to repair and the maple floors that were stained in various spots.

So, yeah. But…

What a shame people aren’t just focusing on the good the Victoria Secret catalog and its minion starlets have done for the world. Without it, would we be privy to someone like Allesandro Ambrosio giving up all the knowledge we need for a statuesque body like hers?

But put the beauty of Ordon and her colleagues aside. The judge found that Sabella was due $300,000 in compensation for the damage to his apartment at 500 Greenwich St.

“We’re very pleased with the decision,” Joshua Price, Sabella’s attorney, told the Post. “We got exactly what we wanted.”

In September, the Victoria Secret model told the Post that she had Louis Vuitton and Hermes Birkin bags destroyed in flooding that occurred at the apartment, which kind of calls into question why she attested in court a few months ago that she wasn’t living there.

The couple’s attorney, Louis Biancone, promised to appeal the ruling. He prophesied that the lawsuit would be dismissed on appeal. He didn’t offer any proof of why he was so confident about that.

The working couple can probably afford the bill, though. Ordon’s work with Victoria Secret et al surely brings home some bacon, and Mimran is spending his days spending his inheritance from a sugar empire to become a movie-maker. So surely he’s got a few dollars in the bank.

[Images courtesy of Victoria Secret and Fanpop]

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