Kelly Clarkson Divorce: Singer Will Reportedly Leave Cheating Brandon Blackstock After Baby Is Born

Kelly Clarkson is facing divorce rumors days before the birth of her first child, with reports saying that she’s planning on leaving cheating husband Brandon Blackstock soon after the baby is born.

Reports of Blackstock’s alleged infidelity emerged in December, just days after Clarkson announced that she is pregnant. The report, posted on celebrity gossip site, was allegedly from a woman who claimed she and Clarkson’s husband had been carrying on an affair.

“We haven’t slept together,” she claimed, “but we’ve been intimate in other ways. I really hope his wife keeps her eye on him because he’s not the great man she thinks he is.”

Though Kelly Clarkson denied the reports at the time — as did her husband — new reports say the singer is planning to divorce her cheating man. Sources close to the singer claim that her focus has shifted from protecting her family and keeping it together at all costs to a complete focus on her daughter. This means Kelly Clarkson is planning to divorce her husband and put all her energy into being a mother, the source added.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry:

“While Kelly publicly defended her man that doesn’t mean that behind the scenes she has trusted him. In fact it has been just the opposite. She feels disrespected and publicly humiliated by Blackstock but wasn’t about to leave him while expecting their child. To the press it would mean that he really was caught cheating and Kelly hasn’t wanted to deal with the extra scrutiny while surviving a physically tough pregnancy. She is scheduled to deliver their daughter somewhere around June 19th and once that happens expect the current situation to change radically.”

But there are conflicting reports on whether Kelly Clarkson will divorce her man. A separate source told Radar Online that the 32-year-old singer is happy in her marriage and has been hard at work putting together the nursery for her soon-to-be-born daughter.

The source said, “They are beyond excited over this baby. Kelly is just busting with joy and can’t wait to hold her… They’ve got the nursery all together and now it’s just a waiting game.”

If Kelly Clarkson is planning to divorce husband Brandon Blackstock when the baby is born, that wouldn’t leave much time to get her paperwork in order. Clarkson is due in less than two weeks.

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