WWE News: The Very Latest On Daniel Bryan’s Neck Injury, Set To Be Out 2 More Months?

As every wrestling fan knows, the WWE does not want to lose Daniel Bryan for an extended period of time. He has been a huge draw for the WWE and his star is only rising. The problem is that Bryan is experiencing his first major injury in the WWE and it happens to be his neck. Doctors will tell you that the neck is an extremely important part of the human body and that means that Bryan needs it to be injury free in order to work his wrestling style.

Bryan had a procedure called a cervical foraminotomy done on his neck a few weeks ago, and WWE executives hoped the doctors would not find anything else wrong with him. Sadly, they did seem to find more, but the good news is that everything was fixed properly.

WWE wanted to have Daniel Bryan back in time for WWE Payback. Unfortunately, he was not cleared medically, so he did not wrestle at the event this past Sunday. It takes about 8-10 weeks to recover from the procedure Bryan had. WWE feels that they can potentially rush Bryan back within the six week mark, and he will be fine in time for the Money in the Bank PPV. But neck injuries are serious and rushing him back could backfire on the WWE.

One bad bump and Bryan’s career could be over or he could be out for a long period of time as was the case with Edge, Lita and Steve Austin, who all experienced neck injuries during their careers. Edge had to retire due to his neck, so that alone should make the WWE wary about pulling something crazy with Bryan.

Bryan is in a position where the WWE needs him, since he is a top guy now. However, he is not gone from television. In fact, WWE could still use him on TV. The problem WWE is going through is whether or not to have him surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So, despite the fact that they can use his character, they want to use him as a wrestler, and in particular, the company’s fighting champion.

Daniel Bryan

WWE does not know what they will do with Bryan just yet. This is why on WWE RAW this past Monday night Stephanie McMahon announced that there would be two options for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the company’s Money in the Bank PPV. If Daniel Bryan is healthy enough to compete, he will face Kane in a Stretcher Match. If he cannot compete, then the Money in the Bank ladder match will be for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Seems like a win-win for the WWE here.

By doing this, the WWE allows themselves to go with either option and have a story come out of it. There will be a Money in the Bank ladder match at the event. There will also be a World Title match. The question is, will WWE merge the two? The other question is, how will this affect the MITB match itself? Will WWE stack it with top guys so they have a guaranteed major name champion, just in case? Or will they push up and comers like they do each year?

Due to the fact that WWE is playing everything by ear currently, we have to wait and see.

Daniel Bryan will be back, although it is likely the WWE will not rush him back. He will probably miss MITB, then come back at WWE’s SummerSlam PPV to get a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

However, WWE could pull something and have him come in to beat Kane in a Stretcher match. The idea might be that the WWE will have the MITB winner cash in on Bryan and win the title, allowing WWE to have Bryan on the PPV. Then they could write him out, allowing him to properly heal up from his surgery.

We will have to see where the WWE goes with this. Right now, they are their weighing options. WWE wants to make sure Bryan is around for years to come, but they also need him right now. That being said, they are in a dilemma and may pull a desperate move.

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