Cold War 2 Or World War 3? Economic Warfare Between The United States And Russia And China Has Begun

The potential for World War 3 or Cold War 2 has NATO nation scrambling to prepare for economic warfare with Russia or China. But according to some reports, the attack began years ago and only has intensified in 2014.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some people are claiming that the United States will cause World War 3 and that the U.S. Space Command has plans for a nuclear weapons first strike on both Russia and China. But former president Bill Clinton claims Vladimir Putin is like Hitler and desires a new Russian empire.

The threat of Russia's nuclear weapons started the original Cold War, but now we have a new electronic battlefield, which controls the financial systems and security of all Americans. Besides hacker attacks and viruses, the computers have also connected all nations financially tighter, in comparison to the past and economic globalization only increased this effect.

Now President Obama has not yet threatened to send US ground troops into Ukraine, although our support of NATO forces will increase slightly. The major threat so far has been punitive actions like like freezing Putin's assets or Russian state assets. In response, Russia can refuse to pay debts owed to the United States, they can freeze US assets, and they could even unleash hackers to mess with the New York Stock Exchange, the electrical grid, and various other computer systems controlling vital assets.

Worse, in recent years China and Russia have already made economic and trade agreements that are attempting to remove the US dollar as the world's currency. So, if anything, they already have a head start on any economic war. But the Ukraine crisis has apparently led to an intensification of this trend according to Coin Week, which points out how Russia and China signed a 30-year agreement worth $400 billion to supply natural gas without using the US dollar. This is a big deal since pretty all commodities from gold to oil to food are typically traded using the US dollar. In addition, their article claims both countries are starting a new type of Cold War 2 by waging economic warfare in this manner:

  • The Chinese government has ordered all state-owned computers to stop using Microsoft Windows 8 software.
  • Just days after the US government indicted five Chinese military officials on May 19 for criminal hacking, the Chinese government ordered all state-owned businesses to sever all relations with US consulting firms.
  • The US firm Cisco has acknowledged that it has not received any new Chinese orders in a month.
  • IBM supercomputers in China are being taken out of service.
  • For more than a year, China has stopped adding to its holding of US currency and Treasury debt holdings and is slowly decreasing this position.
  • In the past few months, Russia has dumped so many tens of billions of US Treasury debt onto the market, to be absorbed supposedly by Belgium but in reality almost certainly by the Federal Reserve, that the Federal Reserve's claim to be "tapering" its quantitative easing program isn't even worth the paper it is printed on.
  • Russia and China are now making financial inroads with supposed US allies such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, and several nations in Africa and South America.
So who would win an economic war? The United States budget happens to be in a precarious financial state at the moment. Our gross public debt as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is over 106 percent and the US national debt is at $17.6 trillion. The funds that finance our highway system are running out this summer and even Social Security disability funds are running dry in 2016. Russia's debt is only about $204 billion while China is a little over $5 trillion, but their economy is still growing while our own stagnates. The only good news is that if Cold War 2 involves economic warfare, then the United States is now the world's largest oil exporter due to the fracking of shale oil. Our oil reserves have not been this high since the 1970′s, which would help during any long term financial war, especially since Russia and China both have so much influence in the Middle East (China even has more oil contracts in Iraq than the US). At the same time, some experts claim that the world could run out of oil by 2060.

Do you think this economic Cold War 2 could lead to World War 3 as the fight over oil reserves intensify?